Sunday, November 13, 2016

Untitled Bare

There hasn’t been a day that I don’t think of you. To be more precise, there hasn’t been any second of time, you never passed my mind. I thought of you smiling. I thought of you laughing. The more I thought of you crying. I know the past we once shared. The past that forever taunt us bare as we past never again in this life.

Forever, I will be the girl in your past. The girl who left you bare. 

To be continue.... 

By: Natalia Sulaiman

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A smiling depression

To unwind the curious mind, I sat myself off peak in the distant sun. I thought of how life turns, every whirl can curls itself to an endlessly mind bothering life. I am not at the peak of trouble nor do I am in a serious trouble but I am at an obvious care of the future that I couldn't resists. I took a peek elsewhere, beside me, behind me only to find clutters and disarrays of similar roads that people took. Either they came lose too or they just end it there by the side of the road.

All it takes was fresh air to remove my lifeless body. I walked about the city searching for emotions to fill me, to amaze me. It seems this city is also lifeless as my body. Is it only me who notice this? The people walks with pleasure knowing their whereabouts and seamless continuation of ease. Seeking pleasure and aroused by the conditions that this materialistic worlds offers them. To seek, search and find what make's them happily more than ever then to know what's at offer hereafter. Is it only me whom is living like this?

I took a right turn at the end of the road, over looking a river. It's scarce flowing deeply, heavily and rapidly chasing after nothing. I notice that the river has no ends only towards the ocean, but that's not the end. It still flows even then even now. It took a shock to see what's life means to me that there is no end to happiness, it'll come even when you're sadden by fate. It's fate that's determine life, it's life that the emotionless people walking about aimlessly in serious for pleasure. What's my pleasure?

I couldn't find my pleasure as I didn't even tried looking for it. I stood there by chance, to see the river flows as it is soothing to see. There was no longer a disarray in me, I started walking again not knowing where ahead I'm heading. It's a chance worth taking for me to find what makes me like everyone in this city.

By: Natalia Sulaiman.

Friday, April 29, 2011


You can't escape the starry sky, once your in you're only be blind. I cant speak of the words, what's to come must come but I will fight if I could, if I don't I'm just a coward. I am not a coward, I am a dreamer who dreams of life that could come. If I don't, what's there to dream? I am dreaming for a better future, just maybe I can be what I want to be, don't block my way because I will stray. Trust me, I will stray. I couldn't be more cruel to just leave to see what lies above me.

Mood: i couldn't careless. I just want to do what I came here for. Don't lie to me specifically. Tell it to my face

Sunday, April 10, 2011


All I see are rainbows, 
the colour, the texture and the feel is supreme. 
Never have i felt so serene. 
Red is visible from a far, 
acknowledging my anger by far it's my command that i seek. 

The tang from it is light and easy,
unfortunately I'm not as easy as seen but likely as sunny as can be
I'm sure yellow rhymes with hello,
how wonderful a passerby would notice my halo

I wore cloths filled with envy, yet
I am not as lifted as I want to be. 
why do everyone disagree with me?
I feel like a decompose body, why so every people look at me?

My intuition tells me
I am filled by nurture or maybe i'm just a caretaker
oh how harmony that would be to me
I am known as violet.

that is me.

by:natalia sulaiman

Sunday, April 3, 2011


There is always a challenge in life and in love. We will alway face that challenge. Always, we won with the battle on our hands. I can't forget the first day I saw you. To reminisce that moment, you are that beautiful. I remembered, the first time, I asked my friend to talked to you. How embarrassed I was to just speak to you. Everything, I was shy.The moment we went out, talked, walked and studied together. I can't forget every moment have past by. Those moment will always be in my memory. Especially of you. You, are my heart.

It tears me to see you go. I hold it back, so i won't be embarrassed by anyone. Like always, I know you knew, i was going to cry every time. I don't know when I will see you again, when I get to see your beautiful hazel eyes. I won't forget that sight of your skin, especially you chubby cheeks. I won't forget the day I first lay my eyes on you.

You, were always there for me, in times, in life, in death and in pain. Always. Thank you for being my heart and soul. You, I love you. You. I miss you very much. You. I want to see you again. You. Till we meet again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A heart's note

You came with a smile on your face. That smile stole my heart. It was sharpen with the devour of the fate that you could be mine. That you would always stay by my side, for now, forever, and for always. Though, time may not be at our side, I still stood still by your side. I still stand still on your side, loyalty was my name for it's love is your gain.

I realized that now time is never by our side, as I will be escaping the wide world. Though, in my heart, only loyalty stands alone as it is my love for you alone. I love you so much, that only death could separate us. I hope in time, we will be together as we seek in our future. Even through time, my love for you will grow so big that only you will see.

This is no Valentine speech or love note. This is my heart for you, my love. It is big as red, curve as birds and sharp as lighting. I hope it reveals what I am to you as how you struck me with every breath you had.

I love you

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Puppet's Tear

There you were in front of me. Always on time. Never missed a split second. Not even once. I sat on my wooden stool waiting when will it be the day, the day that you would came to me and notice I truly exist. I sat looking at you, as you're greeting friends and customers. I smiled, I snap a photo of you on my mind. Click. Click. It was beautiful. No. It was Magnificent. You're translucent skin, pale, always pale. I was in love. Even more when the sun shine down on you, you're truly an angel. Never have I thought, that you would stole my heart even with this distance between us. 

At night, I dreamed of you. At night, I thought of you. Looking at the moon, I just wished one day, I am brave enough to greet you as you greet others. I hope One Day, you could see me the way I look at you. Even with me, being a puppet whom dream of loving you as a human. That is all I hope for. That is all I dreamed of and that is all I needed for you to nourish me as you nourish every one else but me. 

Once, I took a brief look outside the world as I came to you. An old man sold me to you, "I want to feed my family" he said. You agreed to buy me. For you, with the kindness of heart wants to help the old man. I guessed, that's the world I could see when you gave your heart freely. You took a look at me but you weren't happy. You sighed as if I was broken and could be fixed. You placed me upon a shelf that is high above any other but for me, I could see you wondering about. But not for me. I sat on my wooden stool, with a brush on my hand and paint on the other, stiff as I am, all I want to do now is to draw a picture of you so I could stop this feeling. Again and again I tried. I'm a puppet. I cried. In the end, no one could see me cry. 

Time moves swiftly. It moves without notice. I couldn't see it. But I felt it. I felt it change everything I ever saw. Even you. Oh my beautiful, It changes you. You're skin. You're smile. You're magnificent heart changed through time. I sat on my wooden stool, wishing for time to stop. To stop everything and let it be still so I could be with you. Oh my beautiful, I sat but nothing happened. You left me here alone. With only a picture of you here in my heart. I sat on wooden stool, crying as time moves on without me moving on.