Friday, June 25, 2010

the little round boy and his friend

He is little and round. Funny in shape but smart on the head. Always smiling people said. To them he is awkward but to him they are his life. The little round boy walk to the city. Smiling. Greeting all those in front of him. Hello. Hello. He said. No one reply. No one even looked. No one notices the little round boy.

One day, he went to the city. To try his luck again. But. He failed. Still. No one notices him. He walked home crying. The tears rolling down his brown eyes suddenly talked to him. Asking him what is wrong. He was shocked! To have someone talking to him. He looked left and right. He saw no one. Yet the tears asked him again. Who are you looking for boy? The boy ran home scared. Screaming. Suddenly he realized something. There was another small boy on his shoulder.

"Hello!" he greeted the little round boy.
"He-he-Hello" The little round boy replied cowardly.
"Don't be scared. I'm your friend" the small boy reply.
"oh-oh-ohkkay! Wh-wh-what is your name small one?" reply the little round boy
"I don't have one! Why don't you give me one" the small boy said

The little round boy walked to his home thinking of a suitable name for his new friend. Only given by one reasonable name. That is all he could think of. That is "Alfred, the smallish"

Alfred smiled wide. He was happy with the new found name. He even name the little round boy "John, The big" John wasn't happy with his name and preferred to be called "John, The round one" it fits his shape and size. It fits him suitably.

The next day, John brought Alfred to the city and they both greeted the town people happily.

"Hello! My name is John, The round one"
"Hello! My name is Alfred, the smallish"

They were noticeably unique to the people. They were both small and big. They were round and square. They were both together like brothers but only this time, the people replied. "Hello John! Hello Alfred!"

John smiled widely knowing people loved him already.


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