Monday, September 27, 2010


Sometimes I feel the burning sensation deep inside my lungs. Each breath caught by fire, Each breath calls upon water. How sudden it felt when I first saw the news. I was driven mad! I was driven to a point I can't believe what I'm seeing. I'm so paralyzed. I kept thinking. thinking. thinking. Is it the truth? Or is it just a crush? Is it real? Do you have feelings for her as well? did you know her? All my question were killing me. I could think of nothing but to see this! How i hated everything! How i hated looking at it! How I want to just break each bones inside her body and burn it to ashes! How you hurt me so bad, I have no feelings left. I was just numb.

An Angels Revenge ™

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Angels are mine

Beneath this hollow surface, I saw light. shining bright up on the sky. Willowing it's way towards my eyes. dazzling. how painful it was. it hurts my eyes. I lay down on ground, staring at the blue sky, a glimpse of a you shows up in my mind. An expression I knew I would be seeing from you, a smile. decent smile it was. tormenting to see me it but I had to believe in. that you will be here with me.

tears roll down my eyes, each drop has a story to tell. each drop has a memory to let go despite the pain of giving in, it has to be done. i realized it has begun.

memories of you fades one by one as i cried my way further in deep grief. goodbye my dear. maybe we bump somewhere i thought. what am i kidding? his gone. it's a land far from here. though it so far, i felt its so near.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I walked the streets today. I thought of you. I'm wondering what is it you'd do. I stood still across a window, watching carelessly at a magnificent yet vulnerable thing in the world. I stood still, watching every angle, sharp as there is, slightly dense but beautiful like an angel could be. The outline of it is inevitably raw, the small shaped, the shine is ultimately gilded my face as i was staring endlessly at it. Ah, how serenity this is, ah, how splendid this is I thought to my self. I knew one day, It will come to me, appearing like a dream. Till that day, I would wait for you not knowing when, but i'd wait for you to appear on my hand. I'd wait for you, as my answer would always be "Yes"


Thursday, September 16, 2010


I lay in bed wide awake. Looking at the stars as they shine bright above the lustful sky. I count everyone but always miscounting them again and again as I grew closer to the end. I remember the day I watch her pain fully shrieking as she tried to escape those god awful pain.


She stood by her bed looking through day light. As if she knew her ending days were near. Her eyes, soft brown eyes were as dark as night. Her eyes shows no sign of any light that could give her chance to stay. I guess she choose to go away. "Hmm" were her words all day. "hmm" were what she said to the doctor as he said "It could be today" I begin to wonder what is going on in her mind, I guess I never know.

She began to walk towards the window. You can hear her bones cracking as her moved. Crack. Crack they sound. She startled at first but it end as she continue walking. Her skin were sagging off her skin. You can see the bones moving as she is walking. dehydration they called it. She's too weak to move and too weak to survive. She has nothing left in her self but just to die.

I walked away from her. To stop the pain inside me from waking. I couldn't hold any tears but just to see my reflection that it's too late. I turn towards her to say goodbye. I couldn't stay for another time. I could watch as her bones gutted out. I could watch as she continue to stare towards the bright day light. I couldn't do anything. Anything not even watch, she dies slowly in the night.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm still seeking a new layout with fun, thrills and dark exposure. Still unknown in my mind what would hit me with extravagant and petite modern might take me to. I hope you'll wait as I try to change some layouts and add something new. A new twist, turn and conjunction. Thank u! Please be patient.

Oh yeah, I hope you guys like nina semen. I read her creative writing blog and i felt wow! she's so splendid. I would like to know her to actually be as creative and brilliant as she is.

Friday, September 10, 2010

remote heartache

It's been ten days since I last saw your face. Your soft milky white skin and those dark brown eyes. Your lips are like sunshine to me. Every time they speak, the words smells like roses and the sound is like shiver by coldplay. Its smooth, milky, abundance with flavour is what I miss most. The times we talk, the times we walk, the times we spend together. I ache every pain just to see you again. I wonder if misses is just a feeling. Aching, dehydrating, tired and gruesome. I wonder if, it would be better as times grew faster. Like now, I miss the pain of not seeing you again.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

a heart stops beating.

A heart stops beating when the blood stop pumping. Usually, when there is bad news. News that destroy people, hurt people, kills people and ends them easily. A heart stops beating is when you left us dry. Dry. So dry, you didn't even say goodbye. You gave a smile, a faint smile and left us high. No goodbyes. Never again. A heart stops beating when you gave away your last breath for eternal sleep. A heart stops beating is when your dying. A heart stops beating always begin with you realizing that you have your love for life and the people around you. That's when you'd fight but it's already stops beating. Nothing else, you'd die. you'd lose. but your never forgotten.