Wednesday, October 13, 2010

this lane


This lane makes me smile, this lane makes me shine like a little bird on the branch thinking of how peaceful and lovely this colour is. How romantic one can walk together with their partner and one birds fantasy to fly around this amusement park they called windy trees.

every leaves falls like snows only its velvety red is the colour of passion and lust. stimulating the senses of love, like and lust for human walking all around it. Every drop of leaf is every drop of words "I love you" every word of "i love you" is the world "I want to spend my life with you" Make the sunshine happened and I'll make your day.

:::::::The story::::::

I walked the street of velvety red snows, smiling, happy and arouse. One hand up in the air, feeling the breeze of red like strawberry and apple. I loved it. Every inch of air is every inch of life I felt inside, make me tingle as to life it comes to my face and shine bright.

He looked at me, smiling. He said "you look differently today, its like your happy in a weird way" His gesture makes me think as if I know what he meant. I think I know what he meant but let me guess, no I think that wasn't it. Lets hope it is. " I am happy, the colour makes me smile. Do you know that red, is the colour of love and lust? I think its romantic that we're walking here. I found it very refreshing, if not we're always walking on green, black and white and colour shade of grey" He looked at me confused. "It's spring my love, that is why the colour red evolve around us. Spring is season of love, and romance." He bite his lips as he towards me "it is my season to ask too" I smiled without despair as i knew what he meant. All i did was smile widely and said "we both knew what my answer is"

He took my hand and we walked away to the cafe nearby. I sat by the window overlooking the park, the street that we came out from. Oh it was beautiful. That is where I got propose, this lane is where my love began as to how we met the first time 2years ago.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It was soundly, viable and harmony. I kept thinking of how serene everything was. There, I saw a figure I never thought I ever saw again. A figure only I know that would make me happy in any day. I walked the surroundings of a forest, filled with oak trees and grass. I remembered it well especially the smell, it was woody. It was oak. I followed the figure from behind. knowing I shouldn't at first. I decide I should as It would be my last day in earth, I wanted to see him here on the ground. I lay next to him, unable to avoid any contacts I smiled towards him and said "I miss you, papa" He smiled back at me, not saying a word. Just laying there on the ground next to me smiling. 

The scenery changed from the vast green forest, towards a greener grass, so clear, so vague, i remembered the flowers we planted on his grave, It was that flower that made me cry, knowing he wanted me let him go. So he would be at peace. The green carpet moved its way onto my skin, holding it tightly, I tried fighting so I could stand and walked with him but i couldn't. He rises his body up, standing tall from where I was laying on the ground, I know that my father has his pride. He walked away. Before he could, he smiled once more and wave goodbye, with a kiss on my forehead nothing less nothing more. 

I lay there with tears running down my cheeks. I yelled out loud calling your name, telling you everything I could but all there was to it was, you came to make me remember where I stand. Make me remembered that your the one man whom always love me from forever. 

He vanished. There is all to it. I woke myself by crying in bed, it's been months since I saw him. It's beens month, years, since you last kissed my forehead. I am grateful that you did because it was I all need to make me know how much you loved me. 

I love you, i'm grateful towards you. I miss you is all i could say. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

He took my hand. holding it tightly. Kissing each finger as he unfold a present inside his own hand. I look upon a present, I was shocked! Oh how little it was, it speaks too! I smile widely upon this little present. I held it up against my chest, nurturing it light so it wouldn't be afraid of me. There it stood a little present. A little tiny thing that I called Love.

pop sugar candy cane!

Red velvety, beautifully in shaped, dark in color. round in flavor. Musk and husk is how it's done! Shake a little bit to remove it's spun. Make a hole in the center and drop some sugar. Let it drop. let it drop. let it drop. that's how its done!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

I miss you.

I'm sitting here still, wondering what it would be like to see you again. What it would be like to have you here again. I know it can never happened as you've left us for life. But I prayed to god that I hope you're alright.I wonder if you know I missed you so? Or do you know at night I cried my heart out for you. My longings for you. I know people might say I don't love you I just say I do but no body knew what is truly hiding inside my heart as days goes by and time tick its way. Only time can heal my pain but they can never take away my memories of you. My heart wrench as it tries to let go. for sure, it's me whose not letting go. You're always there when I need you the most but I know I could never repay that moment ever again.I know that moment is now gone forever. I am in debt to you because you gave me life. I'm sorry for not being there for some of the pain and suffer you had been going through. I'm sorry because I can't be there since then until you left us. I know deep down you always loved me. You're always kind to me. never once had you scold me or yelled at me. All the thing you do is always kind and as a father it was you who always try for everything in life that i need. I'm sorry i couldn't do anything. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. I'm sorry if you're in pain because i'm crying. I'm sorry because I love you so. I'm sorry because I miss you so.

ps: It's a bit close to my heart to write this. The feeling just comes. I can't avoid writing it. To my father. It's been months since i last heard your voice until today I dreamed of you smiling at me. Oh how it break my hearts. I miss you so.