Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It was soundly, viable and harmony. I kept thinking of how serene everything was. There, I saw a figure I never thought I ever saw again. A figure only I know that would make me happy in any day. I walked the surroundings of a forest, filled with oak trees and grass. I remembered it well especially the smell, it was woody. It was oak. I followed the figure from behind. knowing I shouldn't at first. I decide I should as It would be my last day in earth, I wanted to see him here on the ground. I lay next to him, unable to avoid any contacts I smiled towards him and said "I miss you, papa" He smiled back at me, not saying a word. Just laying there on the ground next to me smiling. 

The scenery changed from the vast green forest, towards a greener grass, so clear, so vague, i remembered the flowers we planted on his grave, It was that flower that made me cry, knowing he wanted me let him go. So he would be at peace. The green carpet moved its way onto my skin, holding it tightly, I tried fighting so I could stand and walked with him but i couldn't. He rises his body up, standing tall from where I was laying on the ground, I know that my father has his pride. He walked away. Before he could, he smiled once more and wave goodbye, with a kiss on my forehead nothing less nothing more. 

I lay there with tears running down my cheeks. I yelled out loud calling your name, telling you everything I could but all there was to it was, you came to make me remember where I stand. Make me remembered that your the one man whom always love me from forever. 

He vanished. There is all to it. I woke myself by crying in bed, it's been months since I saw him. It's beens month, years, since you last kissed my forehead. I am grateful that you did because it was I all need to make me know how much you loved me. 

I love you, i'm grateful towards you. I miss you is all i could say. 


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