Wednesday, October 13, 2010

this lane


This lane makes me smile, this lane makes me shine like a little bird on the branch thinking of how peaceful and lovely this colour is. How romantic one can walk together with their partner and one birds fantasy to fly around this amusement park they called windy trees.

every leaves falls like snows only its velvety red is the colour of passion and lust. stimulating the senses of love, like and lust for human walking all around it. Every drop of leaf is every drop of words "I love you" every word of "i love you" is the world "I want to spend my life with you" Make the sunshine happened and I'll make your day.

:::::::The story::::::

I walked the street of velvety red snows, smiling, happy and arouse. One hand up in the air, feeling the breeze of red like strawberry and apple. I loved it. Every inch of air is every inch of life I felt inside, make me tingle as to life it comes to my face and shine bright.

He looked at me, smiling. He said "you look differently today, its like your happy in a weird way" His gesture makes me think as if I know what he meant. I think I know what he meant but let me guess, no I think that wasn't it. Lets hope it is. " I am happy, the colour makes me smile. Do you know that red, is the colour of love and lust? I think its romantic that we're walking here. I found it very refreshing, if not we're always walking on green, black and white and colour shade of grey" He looked at me confused. "It's spring my love, that is why the colour red evolve around us. Spring is season of love, and romance." He bite his lips as he towards me "it is my season to ask too" I smiled without despair as i knew what he meant. All i did was smile widely and said "we both knew what my answer is"

He took my hand and we walked away to the cafe nearby. I sat by the window overlooking the park, the street that we came out from. Oh it was beautiful. That is where I got propose, this lane is where my love began as to how we met the first time 2years ago.



This is a nice story! I like it!^^


thanks stilldestiny. :) I am happy that you like my story. Please do read some some. :)

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