Thursday, November 11, 2010

One day

I came to you by chance. I didn't even realize it was you. I didn't notice you. Inevitably, you were there always.

The story:

It was Monday morning, I was walking down the streets to go to the office. It was crowded with people walking about. All were rushing, all were gushing and no one was looking the other way. Everyone was busy with their lives. I thought to myself, I wouldn't want to live my life like this. I didn't want it to be like this. People were too busy for work and everyone forgot about their lives, family and even friends. I didn't want it to be like this. 

As usual, I went to the coffee shop. It was packed as usual. I gave away a faint smile as it was the best coffee in town! People would come from other district just to buy their coffee. The line was long and people were very patient, they can wait I guess. At the counter, there's 3 barista, one of whom is a long worker there. I guess he is the owner now. I'm not sure. I never asked them anything. I've been told it was suppose to shut down but it never did. As it was my turn to order, "Hey, Julia! What will it be today?" the barista said smiling. I was stunned and my first reaction would be "You know my name?" He stood there and smiled as he nodded signaling that he did know my name. "I would like to have regular black coffee with turkey and roast beef sandwich extra pickle and mustard" He stared at me "Not your regular order, okay" He walked away and prepared my orders.

"He knows my name? From where? Oh my god! He's a stalker!" The rest of the barista laughed at me when I said that. I flushed. "Uhm.. It's okay I don't need it." When i was about to open the door and leave, he came up to me, "Here is what you normally ordered. I prepared it earlier and it's still warm." I was even more stunned and embarrassed!

"How did you know my name? and How did you know what I usually order?"
"You do realize you're wearing your name tag right?"
I looked at chest and "awww... Okay"
"Oh my god! You're looking at my chest!" I yelled
"I'm not lady! stop dreaming"
"Uh! What? Lady? I am not that old to be called a lady!" "for your information I'm 25 and I'm still young and gorgeous"
He sneered and walked away. 
"That's 10 Dollars including the tip lady"
I stood there embarrassed, I realized that people were watching me and gossiping about me. Some were saying I was pursuing a younger man and some were just nuisance! 

I walked as fast as I can towards my office building. Pressed the button to open the door. My heart were racing, it beats like thunder. I flushed in red, even my blusher isn't that color. I was so embarrassed, even my reflection annoys me. "ughhhh!" I stood against the door and breathe till I came to my senses. 

The air was filled with lemon scented sticks, my friend Lucy made them. The scent makes me calm again. Lucy looked at me oddly, "What's wrong with you?" I sighed "Don't want to talk about it" I sank into my chair and took a peak at my breakfast, making sure there's no worm or any species that could kill me. There were none. "Haaaahh, thank you" Lucy just rolled her eyes, it meant okay you're crazy. I went on eating my breakfast happily and drinking my coffee like there is no tomorrow. Thinking about that incident makes me angrier by the minute and i was still embarrassed that I felt like I forgot something. 


I saw him at the door! Looking at me eating my breakfast. I tried to avoid eye contact with him, ignoring him. Lucy saw that i was acting weird. "what is wrong with you? kinda mental" 
"Lucy, there's a stalker outside the door! don't open the door! wait till i'm gone" I whispered to her.
She looked at the door and wave towards him. I was shocked! "LUCY!! YOU GAVE ME OUT!"
"Ohhh... I wasn't suppose to do that?" sometimes I think Lucy is stupid but more often I think she is clueless.
"KNOCK! "KNOCK!" I went to the door and pretended I didn't know him. 
"Welcome to NQ Spa and Salon. How may I help you?"
"You can help me by paying the 10 Dollar you owed to the coffee shop!" 
"I'm going to report to the police if you don't pay lady!"
"PAY UP!!!"

"excuse me? this is a spa not an arena!" Mr Lou standing behind me.
"Oh my.. Oh.. Good morning Mr Lou, I hope you have a wonderful breakfast" trying to ease the mood.
"like someone here" he sneered again
"I did Julia, until I saw two crazy people fighting over breakfast. Like cat and dogs. Only you're humans" He walked in the office like a slumber as if nothing happen.

"wait here! I'll pay" I told him. Lucy came up to me "He is kinda cute! You should introduce me to him"
"Lucy! He is horrible! A Stalker! An obsessed barista! and crazy!" 
"really? I like that" I guess I was right, Lucy does have something wrong with her. "Oh-Kay!"
she cheered and jumps "stop it! he'll see" Lucy went to the door and smiled widely towards him.
"here! You're money. And this is Lucy" 
"Hi, I'm Lucy. I work here" 
"thank you. next time don't forget to pay JULIA. Hi Lucy, tell your friend here she's old" He walked away.

"Oh my god julia! His hot!" Lucy eyed him till he vanishes from here sight.
"stop that! he is not hot. He is ugly. and annoying plus he said i'm old!
"you do look old, you know" 
"Lucy! Get to work! I'm flustered as it is!"

I throw my rubbish to the bin and I saw the receipt. "Hi, I'm Dane" was written on it next to it was "can i ask you out?" 

to be continued


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