Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A heart's note

You came with a smile on your face. That smile stole my heart. It was sharpen with the devour of the fate that you could be mine. That you would always stay by my side, for now, forever, and for always. Though, time may not be at our side, I still stood still by your side. I still stand still on your side, loyalty was my name for it's love is your gain.

I realized that now time is never by our side, as I will be escaping the wide world. Though, in my heart, only loyalty stands alone as it is my love for you alone. I love you so much, that only death could separate us. I hope in time, we will be together as we seek in our future. Even through time, my love for you will grow so big that only you will see.

This is no Valentine speech or love note. This is my heart for you, my love. It is big as red, curve as birds and sharp as lighting. I hope it reveals what I am to you as how you struck me with every breath you had.

I love you