Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A smiling depression

To unwind the curious mind, I sat myself off peak in the distant sun. I thought of how life turns, every whirl can curls itself to an endlessly mind bothering life. I am not at the peak of trouble nor do I am in a serious trouble but I am at an obvious care of the future that I couldn't resists. I took a peek elsewhere, beside me, behind me only to find clutters and disarrays of similar roads that people took. Either they came lose too or they just end it there by the side of the road.

All it takes was fresh air to remove my lifeless body. I walked about the city searching for emotions to fill me, to amaze me. It seems this city is also lifeless as my body. Is it only me who notice this? The people walks with pleasure knowing their whereabouts and seamless continuation of ease. Seeking pleasure and aroused by the conditions that this materialistic worlds offers them. To seek, search and find what make's them happily more than ever then to know what's at offer hereafter. Is it only me whom is living like this?

I took a right turn at the end of the road, over looking a river. It's scarce flowing deeply, heavily and rapidly chasing after nothing. I notice that the river has no ends only towards the ocean, but that's not the end. It still flows even then even now. It took a shock to see what's life means to me that there is no end to happiness, it'll come even when you're sadden by fate. It's fate that's determine life, it's life that the emotionless people walking about aimlessly in serious for pleasure. What's my pleasure?

I couldn't find my pleasure as I didn't even tried looking for it. I stood there by chance, to see the river flows as it is soothing to see. There was no longer a disarray in me, I started walking again not knowing where ahead I'm heading. It's a chance worth taking for me to find what makes me like everyone in this city.

By: Natalia Sulaiman.


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